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    7 Useful Firefox Sidebar Add-Ons

    We all want our life to be so simple, in each and every aspect. So, here we have compiled the list of some of the Firefox Add On which will make your life simplier and easier while browsing:


    Slidebar+ is a tool which will help you to add a frequently used tool in your sidebar of your firefox. For example, you can even access the current tabs, bookmarks, downloads, history, and more. What you are going to like most is the Sidebar+ also supports Pocket and RSS, thus you can read the news in the sidebar as well.

    Tree Style Tab

    Tree Style Tab allows you to manage your tabs with the help of a tree view. You can drag-and-drop as well as group tabs under a common root.

    Sidebar for Google Search

    Sidebar for Google Search which helps in googling while browsing the web on the other tab. You can perform a search on Google directly from the sidebar without switching tabs or opening a new window in the browser.

    Pocket in Sidebar

    Pocket in Sidebar which allows you to see your list of links saved in Pocket. You can access the stacked articles in its reading mode or open them in new tabs with a click of the mouse even when you don’t have an internet. However, it does not work with the Pocket in Firefox as of now.


    Pile is the temporary bookmark manager which will reside in the sidebar of Firefox, this add on will help you to save temporary links (bookmarks), which you need to review later or whenever you have the time.

    PwdHash Sidebar

    PwdHash Sidebar is a tool which helps to create strong passwords. PdHash sidebar helps to creates a password using a hash of the combination of the site address and your password.

    Facebook Messenger as a Sidebar

    With the help of a Facebook Messenger as a Sidebar, you can chat with your friends on Facebook even when you are browsing the web. With the use of this add on, you need not switch to the Facebook tab to check new message.



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