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    7 Android Games That You Can Download For Free in 2018

    The offers are not for a week, but as a small initial gift, the Google Play Store gives us up to 7 paid Android games 2018 that we can download for free to mobile. Different genres, gameplay and graphics environments that in a few days will cost money again, so we better take advantage now.

    1.Beast Towers

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, With the rise of indie games, the ‘ Tower Defense’ genre emerged, mixing action and strategy in equal parts. And when the mobiles evolved, nothing better than a terminal for this type of games that so much appreciate the tactile control. Free for 5 days, Beast Towers goes around in its plot and puts us in control of a group of monsters that have to defend their castle from human harassment. We have 40 phases to overcome and up to 15 spells and different skills to us

    [appbox googleplay id=com.baptistelargaiolli.beasttowersandroid]

    2.Stickman Revenge 3: League of Heroes

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, A mix between 2D platforms, hack slash and running game, Stickman Revenge 3 is a pure arcade in which to choose between 6 characters and clear the entire level of enemies as we advance dodging and jumping. There are power-ups and even Final Leaders, and like all runners, the key is how far we get in an attempt.

    [appbox googleplay id=com.zonmob.stickman.leagueofheroes]

    3.Fortress: Destroyer

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, Under a retro isometric perspective, Fortress: Destroyer looks like the marine translation of the mythical Desert Strike in which we were piloting a helicopter. Arcade action with RPG touches in a game in which to choose between three boats that we can improve to finish with a fleet of 15 ships. 15 phases to overcome and it’s free until tomorrow.

    [appbox googleplay id=com.ninjakiwi.fortressdestroyer]

    4.Infinity Loop Premium

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, A puzzle game of those that at first is simple but then it gets complicated, Infinity Loop Premium challenges us to solve different designs by rotating pieces to get the original design. The puzzles follow each other and increase in difficulty until the initial challenge becomes a really complicated test. If you want it, it’s free until tomorrow.

    [appbox googleplay id=com.funlab.looppremium]

    5. Reed

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, With an absolutely retro Pixelart visual appearance and a great electronic BSO, Reed is a 2D platform with many screens to overcome in which the difficulty is increasing. A pixelated challenge for scenarios up to classic dangers in the form of floors with spines and free moving platforms until January 3.

    [appbox googleplay id=com.PXLink.Reed]

    6. Linia

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, Another puzzle game of minimalist and fascinating aesthetics, Linia is a very dynamic ‘puzzler’ in which the puzzles are figures in constant movement with which you have to create sequences of colors. Gameplay may refer to the arcade Fruit Ninja, but its difficulty is also increasing and will require a mixture of speed and patience. It’s free until January 3.

    [appbox googleplay id=com.blackrobotgames.linia]

    7. Gem Miner 2

    This is One of the Best android games 2018, Colorful 2D game aesthetic Flash, in Gem Miner 2 we are the same, miners who must go down to different mines using ladders and elevators to extract three different types of minerals: coal, iron, and gold. But beware, you can come to the roof of the mine above, but also find buried relics. Addictive and with huge stages, it will be free until January 3.

    [appbox googleplay]

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