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    6 Secret Tips to Increase Android Battery Life

    We all want our smartphone battery to be more. But every time our battery gets down in just 4-5 hrs in a day. So, here we have compiled some of the tips and tricks to increase battery life.

    Turn of the Wireless Feature

    All the wireless feature which is included in the smartphone like Wifi and Bluetooth consumes lot of battery in the device. If you want to use it then use them not a problem but turn off them when you are not using. If you won’t then it will keep searching for networks and huge reason to drop in your battery percentage.

    Set Screen Time Out

    Screen Time out helps a lot in battery saving. If your device screen timeout is long then it consumes lot of battery. If you make it short then you can save large power and thus helps you to increase battery life of your Android Phone.

    Turn off The Phone Vibration

    Many of the people don’t know that every time when their phone vibrates it consumes lot of battery from their smartphone. If you want to increase your battery life seriously then make sure that it is turned off.

    Put your Phone to “Stand by” Mode

    If you are not using your mobile then you can save lot of power of your battery. It’s like putting your phone on a sleep mode.

    Use Power Saving Mode

    Power Saving mode which is available in phone plays a major role to increase battery life of your Android Phone. It increases your battery life up to 20% than it was before. It performs like your android battery maintainer. It makes automatically stop running apps after battery low warning in your Android mobile. Like it stops video playing after getting warning of Battery and it also stops running android games and apps after getting Battery Low message. There are lots of battery saving apps which are available on Google Play Store.

    Adjust Your Screen Brightness Settings

    Screen Brightness is the main topic that we have to discuss to increase battery life of your android phone. It’s too easy to adjust your brightness. Always make sure that your screen brightness is low when not in need.

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