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    6 Features to Try When You Get Android Oreo

    Android Oreo which has been out into the market but still not everyone has this. So, here are some of the tricks for Android Oreo:

    Notification Snooze

    You are surely going to love this feature. There are a few third-party apps that perform this function but none of them can match the smoothness of system level integration which a inbuilt system can provide.

    Smart Text Selection

    Text selection has improved a lot in Android Oreo. Now the operating system will know the type of text you’ve selected. For example, if you select an address, it will give you the option to open it directly in Google maps app. How amazing it is?

    google play music

    Notification Channel

    Android has put a lots of focus and hard work on the Oreo to bring better notification management. With notification channels, you can manage various types of notification an app send. As of now, not many apps support this feature so we will be using Google Maps.

    Picture In Picture

    The picture in picture isn’t a new feature by any means. But it’s the first time that it has been implemented system wise. Again, not many apps support picture in picture at the moment but in future there will be a boom of it.

    picture in picture

    Themed Playback Controls

    There haven’t been many visual changes in Google play music over a long period of time. You can play any song or video in Google play music, YouTube, or via Google Chrome. Pull down the notification panel and see the playback controls and then it will changes the color according to the album art or video thumbnail.

    Night Light

    Not many devices support the feature of night light, even if you are running Android Oreo. It depends on the hardware capacity of your device. If by chance your device does not support Night light then simply go to display setting, turn it on and then set the intensity according to your choice.



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