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    5 Tools to Generate and Manage Passwords

    We all sometimes forgot the password, as nowadays everything has been saved in our credentials. So,. here we have compiled the list of top 5 Password generator tools:


    LastPass, is a tool which helps in getting rid of passwords once for all. If you have LastPass, then there is just one password you need to remember, and that is of LastPass itself, in your mind.

    This app allows configuring multi-factor authentication as well as fingerprint authentication to step-up the security of your stored verified passwords.


    Dashlane, is a tool which can be used on various operating systems which includes the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This tool can also be installed over the browser extension as well but unlike LastPass, it does not support using multiple devices in its freemium version.


    RoboForm, is a new tool which can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices and web browsers as well. It allows syncing of passwords among all the platforms wherever we need the credentials, but only in its premium version, like Dashlane.

    The app allows users to create strong login passwords and secure sharing of passwords with others. this tool has also come up with some of the more advanced features which includes the web access, multi-device sync, secure shared folder, digital inheritance of your passwords, two-factor authentication, group sharing, access permission, advanced reporting, and many more.

    Sticky Password

    Sticky Password comes with multiple features of a handy password manager which works on various platforms which includes the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms.


    KeePass, which is a free alternative to most of the password managers on this list. It can be used on desktops which will run on the operating systems of Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD. As of now, there is no official mobile application or desktop app for KeePass, but there are many of the third party application which offer this like ‘KeePassDroid’ for the Android version and ‘KeePassTouch’ for the iOS version.

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