5 Reasons Why iOS is perfect for Writers


Writing on the iOS system – (source) the Independent

There are just so many reasons why iOS makes the perfect platform for writers, and that’s why more and more writers are turning it. This does not mean that writers are the only group turning to the operating system to do their trade, even those who perform other heaving duty tasks are now turning to it. What is it that makes the operating system such a great platform for writers and authors alike?

We take a look into the top 5 reasons why iOS makes a perfect platform for writers:

1. It offers a better window management feature

On other operating systems like the Mac, the user has to decide if the window he/she is working on is going to be full screen or not. There are also other hidden issues on the other operating systems that users have to grapple with. Like for instance if they are working on the full-screen mode, do they need to work with another app to split the screen? Doing this for many is usually time-consuming and tedious work.

When writing with on iOS, you only get one size on your iPhone, and 4 sizes on the iPad (full screen, half, 1/3 and 2/3). This makes the work simpler for the writer regardless of how the writer slices it. This makes the writing work to be done much faster without errors on the content being created.

2. Better file management

iOS handles files much better than most of the other operating systems. The system asks a writer what the writer wants to do with the file that is being worked on and now the power is in the writer’s hands to make a decision. Another great thing with iOS is its share sheet system that enables the writer to send a file directly where the writer wants it without and shuffling.

Another impressive file management feature for writers on the iOS operating system is the files drag and drop feature. Writers on popular online writing platforms such as my paper writer can take advantage of the drag and drop feature on iOS. With this feature, the writer can simply drag a file out of the desktop, and drag into another app, and export back out of the app, and then drag back to another window, get to upload and finally use it.

3. Better power management

iOS devices can be used on the go by writers much more easily than the other devices that rely on the other operating systems. iOS devices allow the writer to write more and more without the need to recharge every so often.

4. Better computer state

Writing on an iOS is super exciting because iOS devices wake up from sleep, hibernate, or shutdown super-fast. With just a touch of the button and you are taken to the document you were working on – just that quick in a second!

5. Everything is right there for you

iOS is everything in one place for the writer. What’s on the iPad is perfectly synced with what is on the iPhone so that you could write an article while on the go via your iPhone and save it on your iPad.


These are the 5 reasons why iOS is a perfect operating system for writers as it offers the right features to make their writing work as seamless as possible. Next time, you get an iOS device try writing on it and you will discover these amazing features.