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    5 iPhone Myths You Should Ignore

    Although the smartphone is a relatively new technology, there are some myths around their use. Yes, most of them work with battery life, and for the most part, smartphone myths are totally unreal. Here are five iPhone myths that you should forget.

    1 Charging Overnight Is Dangerous

    This is related to other “overcharging myths,” and is similarly untrue. Leaving your phone charging all night is completely safe, as long as you follow some easy tips. It won’t kill your battery’s overall lifespan. More than that, most modern smartphones have the tech to reduce energy draw once they’re fully charged. Something that’s more important to keep in mind is your device’s temperature when it’s charging. So keep it cool on your bedside table instead smothered under your pillow or blanket.

    2 You Should Close Out of Your Apps

    Many iPhone users habit to shut down active apps in the iOS app switcher to save battery life – but in reality, it is not doing them well. In fact, shutting down an app reduces your battery life. This is because iOS will have to use resources and memory to reopen the app. In many cases, it can use more and more batteries, if the app was open all the time. On a similar note, closing the application does not actually speed up your device, because an iPhone efficiently manages its RAM usage in advance.

    3 You Should Drain a Battery Before Charging It

    This is another myth, that at one time, there could be some basis in the truth but modern day lithium ion batteries do not need to be dry before recharging. In fact, it is better to charge your phone, instead of waiting until it’s dead, it’s OK. If you wait until the battery is completely dry, you take the risk of putting pressure on the battery, and walk fast in the charging chunks of the battery. Just need to charge your phone, and you should be fine.

    4 Rice Fixes Water Damage

    There is a nightmare scenario for many people, leaving a device in water, it is understood that users will search for quick corrections putting their phones in unwanted rice is a method which is almost universally recommended. But does it work? Unfortunately, there is no proof number Actually, it can actually worsen your condition because by sharpening caries due to starch and residues in mineral grains. Your best bet is to repair or repair your equipment in bad condition, just dry it on the shelf or table.

    5 Wireless Connections Are Power-Hogs

    Once upon a time, connectivity options like Bluetooth did lead to a drop in overall battery life. But newer devices have better Bluetooth standards. As of Bluetooth 4.0, there is a Low Energy module that has lowered Bluetooth power consumption by half or more. On a similar note, an iPhone connected to Wi-Fi will actually use significantly less energy than one connected solely to LTE. The only exception is if your iPhone is actively “searching” for local Wi-Fi networks. So you don’t have to be obsessive about checking your connectivity constantly.


    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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