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    5 Best Way To Fix iPhone VoiceMail That Won’t Play

    iPhone voicemail is an important feature that is inbuilt in the Phone App, though many of us don’t use it so often it sometimes comes handy. The iPhone visual voice main collects voicemails as audio files, and you can simply play them by going to the Voicemail tab of the Phone app.

    To play it, you have to tap on the voicemail audio file simply, and it will start playing, but sometimes the iPhone won’t play voicemail. If you find this happening with you where voicemail won’t play on an iPhone or voicemail is not working as expected, try these procedures to solve it.

    Note: Make sure your mobile operator supports Visual Voicemail or so called Voice message, we are assuming here that your operator supports visual voice message and we are proceeding with further steps that need to do to rectify the problem.

    Sometimes it may happen when you suddenly switch from one cellular network to another, for example: when a user has switched from AT&T to Straight Talk in the USA, this case might happen that your voicemail feature isn’t working. To solve that you need to contact your Cellular company who will give you further steps to follow.

    Fixing iPhone Voicemail Not Working or Voicemail Playing Issues

    Here are some Troubleshoots that you can do to rectify the particular issue.

    1. Update Carrier Settings:

    Sometimes it may happen that due to a connectivity issue, network problem arises and that can result in issues in Visual Voicemail on your iPhone. So, it is better to recheck and update your carrier as soon as you get voicemail not possible problem.

    You can update the network carrier settings from Settings app > General > About > and one will appear if an update is available to install.

    2. Confirm Voicemail Password is Correct:

    Another problem may happen because you may have entered the wrong password or another possibility is that the voicemail password was changed, or you need to re-enter it again. You can only go to phone settings section and change the password.

    3. Reset Network Settings:

    Sometimes it may happen that you have recently switched from one network to another and you then your voice mail isn’t working, for that case you need to reset your carrier settings.

    To reset the network configuration:

    1. Go to the Settings app and then go to “General” and then to “Reset.”
    2. Choose “Reset Network Settings” and confirm that you wish to reset the network settings

    After the iPhone reboots, head back to the Phone Voicemail section and see if it works again.

    4. Check For Proper Network Signal:

    Sometimes it happens that there is very less signal of your network connectivity or the area where you stay doesn’t have a proper network signal. In that case, it will hamper you a Visual voicemail. If an iPhone has very low coverage or spotty coverage or is out of a coverage area entirely with a “no service” indicator, you will typically not receive voicemails.

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    Limited service also hampers the working of Visual Voice mail, In this situation, you’ll just need to wait until you get to a better cellular coverage area or a better signal.

    5. Reboot Your iPhone:

    Rebooting is our last and foremost solution to every problem. A reboot can solve many problems. Restarting the iPhone is enough to fix an issue where voicemail won’t play. This is simple and only take a minute or so:

    • Reset and restart iPhone 7 or Newer: Hold down the Power button and Volume Down button until you see the Apple logo.
    • Reboot and restart models before iPhone 7: Hold down the Power button and Home button until you see the  Apple logo.

    A reboot will work for all your current activities to stop and after restarting it will start as new. So, if the voicemail isn’t working, try to start after a forced reboot, and it may work correctly.

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    So, guys, these were few standard solution to the problem which you can try by yourself whenever some issue arises. Hope this helps, do comment if you have any other problems before this.

    Thanks for reading our article and we hope you guys have a great day.


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