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    5 Best Teamviewer Alternatives

    TeamViewer is not the only remote desktop software which is available in the market. There are many other free TeamViewer alternatives which are available for every operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives:

    17 Best TeamViewer Alternative


    Joinme is a very simple tool for conducting meeting as with the help of this tool it can be connected to a single computer without even having to be registered. They can collect up to five people simultaneously with the free version , with which you can also transfer file, screen sharing , assign the role of presenter to another conference participant. Then, we have the option to move to payment plans that extend their functionality.

    This tool works very well and fast. It also has its mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as add- ons for other applications such as Chrome browse, Outlook, Office 365. Although it seems more focused on sharing information and conducting meetings online.


    Splashtop is one of the best remote desktop tool which is used by most of the organizations. This software offers the free version for personal use and it is paid for the usage of business. Its best features is to stream audio and video and free for personal use of maximum of 5 computers. It is supported in the following operating system are Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. The pricing of this software is given below Free for 6 months, $1.99/mo after that Individual use and for business the cost is $60/yr per year.
    teamviewer alternatives

    Ultra VNC

    It is one of the best alternative to teamviewer. It is a free software for everyone but it is supported only in the windows operating system. The amazing features of it is that it allows you to do file transfer. UltraVNC is a tool is can done for the people who are helping someone in the remote areas to clearing their system issues. Now it is used for clear the virus in the computer in the remote areas with full data security. The tool used in this teamviewer alternatives free is VNC expansion is Virtual Network Computing. The size of this best remote desktop software is only 3.2MB.
    teamviewer alternatives


    Its price was little bit high for the purpose of business or non-commercial use but the non-commercial account has very advanced tools and options for business. There is an option for live chat and video conferencing and audio conferencing. One of the amazing feature of this is to schedule your meetings in advance to get ready to attend the meeting in a correct way. This tool is is developed in the year 2004. It is supported by almost all the operating system such as Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. The cost for the non-commercial account is varies according to the number of participants who joins the meeting.

    LogMeIn Pro

    This tool is just like similar to teamviewer. This tool is supported in the two operating systems such as Windows and mac OS X. The amazing features of this tool is to transfer of files, streaming the audio and video without any disturbance such as ads and rating the programs like teamviewer. Free logmein alternative are not as best as logmeinpro. Its pr version starts at a price of $99/yr.



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