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    5 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android 2018-2019

    5 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android 2018-2019

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: The good thing about having a list of the best Android PDF readers at your disposal is that it will help you choose one best suited to your needs. The apps on our lineup will help you read all those documents that your device may be unable to open.

    While the Android version of Adobe Reader may be the first choice of many, there are other useful applications that are pretty efficient at their tasks. Some of these multi-functional applications have been laid down below.

    Have a look at them and let us know which one deserves to be called the best amongst them.

    Mantano Reader Premium:

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: A feature-packed eBook reader, Mantano Reader not only reads PDF files, but also extends support to ePub and Adobe DRM. Besides viewing files, you can even employ the application for creating text and graphical annotations or highlighting content. It permits you to launch a search on local as well as remote dictionaries and even reads the text out loud, thanks to its text-to-speech function.

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019
    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019

    APV PDF Viewer Pro:

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: Next up on our lineup of Android PDF readers is APV PDF Viewer that has managed to garner a lot of praise from its users. This extremely simple application does not confuse you with complicated features. While you can choose to download the free version of this software, the paid one comes with some additional attributes that add to its usability. These include a dedicated table of contents and simple text reflow to enhance the reading experience on handheld devices.

    Adobe Reader:

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: The very popular software’s Android version allows you to view and interact with your PDF documents consisting of forms, PDF portfolios and even password-protected files. Its bookmarks and search functions should allow you to quickly find the text you wish to read, while attributes like scroll modes, zoom and thumbnails amongst others allow you to stay productive on the move.

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019
    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019

    And if that’s not enough, you can annotate or comment on these PDF files and even make use of the Ink Signature tool to sign documents using your finger. The multi-lingual application can also be used to add comments and sticky notes.

    ezPDF Reader:

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: Although this tool mentioned on our queue of android PDF readers has been customized for small screens of smartphones and tablets, it displays them just like they would appear on a computer. This multimedia application has been included with text-to-speech as well, and gives you the option to fill forms, sign them with your fingers and email them from the phone itself.

    And similar to some other apps of its ilk, this software can be used for highlighting, underlining, crossing out text and even adding comments in the form of sticky notes. It supports the landscape view too.

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019
    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019

    BeamReader PDF Viewer:

    PDF Reader Apps for Android 2019: And if you want an application that doesn’t expect you to compromise in terms of quality of the document while offering desktop-like viewing, you have landed at the right place.

    BeamReader’s relatively fast rendering should cut down on the time required to load pages and functions like intuitive granular navigation, text wrap view and pinch-to-zoom should ensure an improved reading experience.

    It also lets you assign passwords to important documents, negating the possibility of unauthorized access.

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