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    5 Best iPad Apps for Business & Presentation

    Sometimes, we all need to do some of the presentation work and stuff. And for that we need an app on our iOS iPad, So here we compiled the list of top 5 iPad Apps for Business & Presentation.

    Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft OneNote is the digital notebook that helps you gather ideas, create audio or video notes, sketches, and to-do lists; which you can also convert into reminders. You can create handwritten notes with a variety of pens. Also, it features organization options to manage your notes.

    If you’re seeking collaborating features, OneNote has got it covered – you can share your notes with friends and team members and collaborate on them, thanks to its shared notebooks. Lastly, your notes are synced to the cloud, making them available on all your devices.

    iPad Apps


    1Password is a fantastic app for storing sensitive business information, such as financial details, passwords, and other information. What I liked is, it helps you create strong yet easy-to-remember pass-phrases for your online accounts.

    Moreover, you can create multiple vaults, store items in numerous categories, set favorites, add tags and do a lot more to organize the items. Interestingly, you can also add custom fields to your items to store extra information, for example, two-step verification’s safety code for an account. Lastly, it offers end-to-end encryption and cloud sync features, making it a reliable and secure service.


    Apple’s Keynote is another presentation app that helps to create business presentations, diagrams, and illustrations. It offers many customization options including themes, layouts, fonts, etc. Moreover, you can import from, export to, and work on files of Microsoft PowerPoint.

    What I found surprising is that you can present a slideshow online, and people can view it from their devices or directly from the web at iCloud. Keynote also offers numerous sharing features, allowing you to share presentations publicly or with specific people and work with your team on presentations stored on the iCloud.

    iPad Apps for Business


    WorkFlow is a personal automation tool – a tool like IFTTT or Zapier – that helps you to automate and streamline processes, minimize errors, and increase efficiency. That said, you can create time-saving workflows on your iPad, automate processes and tasks, and turn them into simple, one-button-clickable actions.

    WorkFlow supports 200+ actions, covering dozens of your favorite apps. The list includes essential apps like Contacts and Photos, fitness apps like Health, online services like Dropbox and Evernote, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and other tools and services such as AirDrop, iCloud Drive, etc.


    Skitch is an annotator app that lets you snap pictures, use annotations and markups, and collaborate or share the visual story. Along with annotating photos, it can also annotate PDFs to make your reviews clear and avoid lengthy and confusing emails.

    What I liked about Skitch is that it provides a quick and intuitive interface that works. That means it is easy and fun to work with Skitch, which I feel is essential. And last but not the least, you can share the final snaps via email or through social networks.

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