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    5 Best Health Tracking Apps for iPhone And iPad

    We all want to keep our body fit, and that’s the best secret to keep yourself fit. Keeping track of all your daily activities is very much important if you are losing weight and you are on a diet then you must need a perfect schedule for your diet that suits your body.

    If anyone is going to gym or wants to improve his or her lifestyle by eating healthy food needs to keep track of calorie intake.

    Taking the perfect diet and having a track of your body fitness is very important if you are working hard at the gym. Tracking of calorie intake is essential and can be tricky sometimes if you don’t know proper calculations. Thankfully there are plenty of good food calorie counter apps for iPhone that can make the process super easy for you.

    In this article, you will find the best calorie counter apps for 2017 that you can download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch right now. While all of these calorie counting weight loss apps are available primarily for the iPhone, some of these awesome calorie tracking apps also offer dedicated Watch apps that will make it easier for you to log food whenever you eat it.

    Here are the top 7 Apps:

    1. FitnessMyPal:


    MyFitnessPal is a Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app which will count your daily activities and show corresponding calorie value you have taken or wasted. You can also set a goal and work toward’s achieving it.

    On the app, you will find ton and ton of foods that will help your body to grow,  the database of the app has over 5,000,000 foods stored all you need to do is you just select your own particular food and add on your daily diet. The app will show you all the detailed information about which food should you take and which you shouldn’t.

    The app Includes packaged foods, regional foods like Indian food, Chinese food and more. The app will even remember your favourites and allow you to add multiple foods at once.

    2. Loseit:


    Loseit is also a similar type of app as the Fitnessmypal, this app will also let you set your own goal, and you have to work to achieve it. If you follow you own segmented schedule with the app at the end of the day, you will get to see how much weight you would lose or gain if you follow the plan for the day which will help you to stay on track and be motivated.

    The app offers a feature called embody DNA, which gives DNA based insights to suggest what kind of foods and activities will help the user lose more weight. You can calculate all the value of foods that you take to see how many calories you have taken or you should be taking.

    Other features include ability to track macronutrient, health, water and body measurement goals, meal planning, personal insights on foods and more

    3. Pertinacity:


    Pertinacity is calorie counter based app where it calculates the amount of Calorie that you should take to keep your body perfectly in shape. It works on a calorie counter algorithm, where it will gradually lower or higher the amount of calorie intake and makes you follow a strict routine so that your body becomes adaptable to its algorithm.

    It is the simplest app where you don’t have to create a profile like you have to do on other apps you just need to start the app, set your goals and the app will guide you with your diet.

    4. Calorie Counter:


    The calorie counter is also a similar app to pertinacity; calorie counter is made by the developer team of Fatsecret. It will help to set your own weight goals and work on it on a regular basis. It will also provide a list of healthy nutrient and foods that you must take to maintain a proper meal balance.

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    5. Fitocracy Macros:

    Fitocracy Macros

    Fitocracy Macros is one of the top apps that is very useful if you want to keep yourself fit, it is very much useful for athletes who do their work out daily. This app helps to monitor the daily rate of food intake, daily calorie loss and intake calculations, daily workout needed and much more.

    It also keeps track of your eating history and provides you with weekly averages on how much of macronutrient you have taken and its total comparison. This app is a newly launched app and it is upgrading day by day, we are hoping to see more database of food structure and a new design interface with some more added features.

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    To keep your body in shape and your health perfect you need to follow a strict routine, we have tried our best to categorize our top 5 apps so that you can keep your body fit. We hope you guys use all he apps and share your thoughts on the apps in the comment section below.


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