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    The 5 best free extensions to take advantage of Safari on iPhone and iPad

    Although Safari is one of our favorite browsers, there are a number of functions that unfortunately we can not find natively in the iOS software, but we can get them thanks to the App Store. These are extensions that will be integrated into Safari perfectly, making navigation much more functional.

    However, finding these extensions of Safari in the App Store is not easy, so we want to review the 5 free extensions that are more worthwhile. Download them to maximize your browser.

    5 Safari Extensions for iPhone and iPad you should know

    Microsoft Translator

    Even if you are good at languages, sooner or later we will find a web that comes in a language that you do not know and Safari does not integrate automatic translation at the moment. But calm, because with Microsoft Translator we can translate them to the language we want in a fraction of a second and only with a tap.

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    1Password is one of the best and most secure password management tools for iOS. Keep all your accounts and passwords in a safe place and synchronize them on all your iOS and MacOS devices. The best thing is that you will then enter your data automatically when you enter a website. Thus, with Safari you will only have to worry about browsing and that’s it.

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    We continue our review of essential extensions with WhatFont, an app that will allow us to know which source is using a specific web and not only that: also size, format, color … everything so that you stay with every detail. Ideal for creatives and designers!

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    Save Images

    Yes, I already know that you can save images in Safari simply by pressing a long time on it. But what if you want to save all at once? Busy! No, you just have to download Save Images and you will see how fast.

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    Mail to Self

    Sometimes you find an interesting website and you want to keep it for later or maybe see it on your computer. Obviously, you can send a message or email manually, but it is much easier and faster to do so with the Mail to Self-extension.

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