5 Best Font Changer Apps For Android in 2018


Fonts are the most important part that we often use on smartphones . Every time we type or read of course will be face different font characters. So here are some Best font changer apps for android with root and without root support.


if you are thinking to change the fonts of your Android phone? Then go with iFont, one of the best font apps for iPhone. You just need to search for the fonts and simply import it in your device. Once you do that, you can compare a particular font with others in order to come out with the best one. You can use the selected font on various apps like keynote and pages as well.

Credits: Index.net

Hifont – Free Styles Font

With the help of a Hifont app, you can easily change the font shape according to your choice. There are hundreds of free, coolest, and stylish fonts that you can apply to your android phone so that your phone looks more stylish and unique, and can also make people jealous.

Stylish Fonts

Stylish Fonts provides you stylish look to your fonts which make your smartphone better and more attractive. There are wide range of fonts available you can easily choose any of them fonts and easily make a new font style for free. It has instant preview option as well via which you preview your font as well.


FontFix is another popular font style apps for android which enables the user to change the font style by not even spending a penny. With the help of this app, the user can easily install additional fonts with their settings for your device.

FlipFont – Pencil Fonts

The next font changer apps is called FlipFont. There are 6 packs of pencil fonts that you can use at free of cost. This app is specifically designed for Samsung users who have Galaxy phones on all OS types and versions. The user interface of this app is very user friendly, you can personalize on all the fonts you want to try.


Now, share your views on the apps which you like to change your font style and size in the comments below!