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    5 Best Dialer and Contacts Apps for Android in 2018

    There is no point of deny that the default dialer apps in Android is so simple and with just limited functions. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 best Contacts and Dialer Apps for Android device:


    This is the wonderful contact & dialer app which is known by the name as Contacts +. It is a customizable contact and dialer application which is free of cost. This app can easily get integrated with all the social media platforms which includes Viber, telegram, Facebook etc.

    Ready Contacts + Dialer

    Ready Contacts+ Dialer has a clean material design, smooth user interface, lightweight. But what sets it apart is its unique feature that is call bubble. This is a small button (drag and drop it wherever you want) that appears only when you make or receive a call. It can show you the last SMS or email you have received from that person so that you never stay out of context and never missed anything urgent.

    ExDialer – Dialer & Contacts

    ExDialer is another true cross dialer and contacts app for Android users that offers all the bells and whistles. The app is super easy to use, fast, extra lightweight and with user friendly Interface. The application works in more than 40+ languages with a flexible customization in one go.

    Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts

    Eyecon is a unique dialer that doesn’t annoy users by showing advertisement again and again. Its FREE, yes Ad Free too. There is a reason for calling UNIQUE dialer because it lets you see who actually called you. This app can easily get integrated with the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Eyecon dialer adds photos your contact book allowing you to identify the people who called you. It is another best Caller ID to identify unknown callers through photos.

    Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

    This is a powerful all-in-one best Android dialer app. This app lets you quickly manage Contacts and helps you efficiently make calls on the go. It is a smart dialer app that integrates with your other connectivity options like WhatsApp, Messenger and Hangouts. With this one app, you can easily switch between various communications options available for people in your address book.



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