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    5 Best Android File Manager Apps

    As we all know Every Android device comes with pre loaded File manager OR file Explorer app. File manager play the most important role in and device and helps to manage stored files, downloads and more. So, here we have compiled the list of top5 file manager for Android:


    This application is in the market from the year 2009, making it one of the first Android archiving apps to ever surface. AndroZip was launched as a app which compressing and decompressing, also allows with you to extract and create zip folders. These features are still very much in the app, while it also lets you search and edit/modify the files and folders on your device with an ease.

    ASUS File Manager

    This is an application which does not have any in app purchases and is even ad-fee, the default file manager for Zen UI Asus Smartphone’s and is available in the Play Store for all Android phones. It provides you to hide your files within its Hidden Cabinet included with the other features of the best Android file managers such as LAN and SMB access, You can even view APK files as ZIP if you’re into that kind of thing. This app has a user friendly UI.

    Total Commander

    Total Commander is one of the most powerful and highly rated file manager apps with no in-app purchases and also no advertisement, this application supports various types of files option which includes the cloud and networking storage, a plug-in for FTP and LAN, root functions, bookmarking, filename sorting and many more features which a user might desires. It also has a dark built-in interface makes comparing and moving files quite often quickly manageable.


    Airdroid which allows you to move any type of files & folders wirelessly to and from the device, even run the apps and receive notifications in the form of SMS. It has a built-in system that secures your data and in a case of breach, you can lock or even erase all your confidential information remotely. It facilitates you to install/uninstall apps from a remote location as well.


    MiXplorer which is a complete file management app for your device. It lets you manage all your files and folders easily with an ease. Not only does it offers basic file management features such as copying and moving files, customizing individual folder, with a whole set of advanced features.



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