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    5 Alternative Android Keyboard Apps

    Sometimes, we get bored of normal every time just typing on it. As our normal phone keyboard does not support latest emojis and stickers. So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 keyboard which has lots of stickers and emojis in built.

    SwiftKey Keyboard

    SwiftKey, is an amazing alternative keyboard for your mobile. It comes with more than  70+ customization options which also includes the patterns, colors, designs, and themes. The unique feature in this keyboard is undockable yet re sizable unlike many others, which allows you to place it anywhere on the screen.

    Kika Keyboard

    Kika Keyboard is a full-featured emoji keyboard which has a very creative UI with user friendly. It offers different types of GIFs, emoticons, kaomojis, animated emojis, emoji arts and symbols.

    Flash Keyboard

    Flash Keyboard is a keyword which is based on emoji-focused keyboard which helps wants to have much fun in their daily conversations. This app offers numerous personalization options which also includes the colors, themes, and backgrounds. Like Kika Keyboard, this app features more than 3000 emojis, stickers, and GIFs in one go.

    Cheetah Keyboard

    Cheetah Keyboard is the keyboard which is available in 3D effects with powerful features and more customization options. This keyboard also include more than 3000 colorful themes, fonts, sounds, and backgrounds to make it your own. this smartphone is also equipped with an amazing ‘Smart Reply’ feature which suggests possible responses to a message by analyzing it.

    ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

    ai.type Keyboard is one of the smartest keyboard which is available on the play store that can make the messaging experience wonderful. This keyboards has come up with supports of more than 50 languages across the globe, with more offers on emoji support, text prediction and correction features, and with single swipe typing etc.

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