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    4 Tips to Promote Your Business on Instagram

    According to a report, there are more than 900 million of Instagram active users on a monthly basis. Instagram has a more engaged audience and less competition than any of the other social media platforms which is available in the market as of now including Twitter and Facebook.

    This gives many businesses the chance and opportunity to showcase and market their services and products to only a targeted audience without having to spend a large amount of money through paid advertising.

    If you are new to Instagram then here are 4 easy tips you can do to promote your business to the target audience and can gain more sales and leads.

    Showcase what you do in a creative way

    Apart from showing your products to audience then try to show your audience the solutions which you can offer. It is essential that you add value to your followers while looking for a creative thing. The most important asset and variable on this social media platform is visual content which you will provide you to the audience.

    Create a winning profile

    At the time of creating a profile on Instagram, it might be hard to fit all the things you do and offer in 150 characters. So, instead of listing all your services and products at one go, try to focus more essential things of your business’ next big thing like a product launch, promotion or an event which you are going to do.

    Show them behind the scenes

    Most people have this natural curiosity about how and where do your products came from. You can use Instagram to make people aware about the curiosity and show them the whole process and life cycle which they have in their mind. You can add some of the source to images in order to demonstrate how your products are made; from the materials to its distribution, as you just have to make sure that people gets attracted to your product or services.

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    Make use of #hashtags to expand your reach

    Hashtags can help you expand your reach, as it is the most popular thing on Instagram. Such campaigns can be general or specific but most importantly they are relevant to your content. Also, you need to set up your business’ own hashtag and use it on Instagram (and Twitter if you have) consistently and regularly, so that it will reach to more people. It will be a lot easier for customers and followers to find any related content of you on the social media platforms.

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