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    4 Homepage SEO Tricks You Really Need to Know

    SEO is constantly evolving, but everyone does not know the behind scene of it and start ranking higher rank on google. Do, you ever heard of a homepage SEO? So, here we have compiled the tips to create an SEO friendly homepage:

    Choose the right domain name

    The domain name you choose for your website’s homepage matters a lot for SEO. Your URL is the first piece of data which Google merely looks for in its Humming Bird algorithm to determine where to rank the website or not. While you want your domain to be relevant to your business or brand, you also want to do some keyword research and make sure the text you choose for your domain is ranking well on Google search engine.

    Utilize anchor text on your homepage

    Anchor text is the text which is used for to build links on a web page. When it comes to homepage SEO, it is crucial that you add anchor text. Do some keyword research and use high-ranking, targeted keywords to link to other pages on your website. This is one of the great SEO links, but always be careful  of putting too many links that don’t help your readers, or search engine algorithms will penalize you for it and can also make your website down.

    Add alt text to homepage images

    Images are great way which helps in getting attention on your business website’s homepage, and they also provide an SEO opportunity. Search engine algorithms “read” images with the help of the text used to tag them, that is also popularly known as called “alt text”. You can choose the alt text for an image when you upload it to your site, keeping important keywords in mind.

    Optimize your website for speed

    The speed of the website also decide its SEO. If the website is taking too longer time to load the homepage, then it tends to forma negative impression of the website and people get frustrated and click away instead of waiting for the page to load. Websites running at faster speeds have been found to have higher click rates and retention rates which are an important factor to look in for search engine algorithms. You can use some of the latest online tools to check the speed of your website via, pingdom etc.



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