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    4 Best Free DNS Servers

    Domain Naming System which is a naming system that mainly translates the domain name to IP address which is required to access the sites with the help of an Internet. ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides default DNS Server whenever you use the Internet. So, here we have compiled the list of top 4 Domain Name System for faster and safer internet:

    1. Google Public DNS

    Google services are always trusted one and nothing different here Google DNS is our first choice. There are millions of users who are using Google DNS and the reason behind is the lightning speed, reliability. It is launched with additional security features in the year 2009. If you want to use Google DNS then you have to change the IP address to and

    google dns

    1. OpenDNS

    OpenDNS is among the top in the list, when it comes to DNS server. This comes with lots of features which include blockage of malware sites, web-filtering for blocking the sites, optimized speed, no downtime, and most importantly you will get the email support if faces any problem. Two Internet Protocol addresses are and which is used for enabling OpenDNS.

    level3 dns

    1. Norton ConnectSafe

    Norton ConnectSafe is one of the best DNS designed for enhanced security to the users. Provides the different level of security which is the first one from any types of malware, phishing, and scams. You can use a different IP address for a different set of purpose as well. You can use Norton ConnectSafe in both the system and the routers. With the help of the Norton ConnectSafe in the router will provide protection for all the devices connected to that network.

    ip address

    1. Level3 DNS

    Level3 DNS is a high performance trusted third party DNS. When compared to two main servers that is GoogleDNS and OpenDNS it is not a huge name in the DNS arena but an effective and reliable one. A network-based service provider which requires higher hardware requirement for better performance. This is the reason why the users having top hardware uses Level3 DNS for the best experience. To use Level3 DNS you can switch your proxy to,,,, and IP addresses.

    dns server



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