Now You Can Also Teach Google Assistant How To Pronounce Names Correctly

Google unveiled a new feature through which you will be able to teach Google Assistant on how to pronounce names correctly

Now You Can Also Teach Google Assistant How To Pronounce Names Correctly
Now You Can Also Teach Google Assistant How To Pronounce Names Correctly Image Credits: Beebom

Google Assistant, Google’s voice assistant, is one of the most common and dependable digital assistants available. Compared to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, the Google Assistant has a significant edge for Android users due to its convergence with other Google applications and services.

Google Assistant’s Driving Mode was recently extended in India. Users will also show Google Assistant how to pronounce complex names with a recent update from the Mountain View behemoth.

Although the Assistant can quickly rap Eminem’s Godzilla, it has a hard time remembering names.

If you use Google Assistant to make a call or send a letter, you may have experienced the case where the automated assistant simply cannot pronounce your friend’s or colleague’s name correctly and, as a result, cannot locate the communication. This is extremely inconvenient and renders the functionality useless for the task at hand.

Teach Google Assistant On How To Pronounce Names

In response to this issue, Google recently released an update for the Google Assistant that includes new functionality that allows users to train the voice assistant how to pronounce names correctly. The company released a video demonstrating the functionality, which you can see below.

As you can see, the function is housed inside the Google Assistant application. To get access to it, open the app, tap your profile icon in the top-right corner, and then tap “You.” In the “Nickname” section, you’ll find the default pronunciation of your name, and in the “Your People” section, you’ll find the default pronunciation of the names of your contacts.

You can now override the default pronunciation of your or any of your contacts’ names by capturing your own voice and correctly pronouncing the name. The Google Assistant will use the speech as a guide and correct itself the next time to say the word correctly.

Aside from that, Google updated its Assistant with a few new features. Fumble detection, for example, allows the assistant to spot a stutter in the sentence when setting an alert or a timer.

For example, if you say to Google, “Hey Google, set an alarm for nine….no, eight o’clock,” the Assistant would do so without hesitation. Furthermore, you would be able to more quickly cancel individual timers and alarms among a large number of them.

When Will The Feature To Teach Google Assistant Pronounce Words Correctly Be Available?

According to Google, the latest Google Assistant capabilities are also being rolled out to Google smart speakers in English in the United States. The business plans to extend them to tablets and smart screens in the near future.