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    How To Set Login Page, Username, Password, and Settings

    IP Address which is also known to be used for a wide variety of reasons, which is specifically for logging in to the router along with the help of a Username and Password. The IP address  is a private IP address which is mainly used in the Linksys Router.

    Different networking devices use different private IP addresses according to their requirement. But the public IP address is mainly used on the site. The IP address login is most of the time one of the default IP address for the Linksys Router.

    If this is the new device default IP address then should be the same but if the device is not even new then the IP address can be different. Press Reset Button to reset all the settings. and IP addresses are more commonly known by the name as Host Addresses.

    For setup of anything in the router, all you will have to log in to the router and use the IP address on the browser adders field and simply click on the Go button from the browser.

    Now the Login screen page will appear and there you will need to use default credentials that is the username and password. You will get those log with all the information in the Router box. Check the backside to know the IP address, Username, and Password.

    Now, to set up the internet on the router is a very easy task. You will have to use your ISP(Internet service provider) information to set up the internet connection. Your ISP must able to give all the vital and important data for setup of the internet.

    If you want to set up the internet of a dial-up connection, then you will need to use the username and password in the router of the dial-up. It will be better if you just use the Wizard tool for the setup of the quick internet. Advanced users can setup the internet connection manually. Login Page

    The default username and password for the IP are:-

    Username: admin

    Password: admin


    Username: admin

    Password: password

    How to Change Router Password?

    If you want to change the password for the Router then you can by simply follow the process-

    First of all you need to go to the Access Router Admin page> then go to advanced settings> Router admin> Change Password> Enter Old password> Enter Old and new Password and then in the last to save.

    And your password of the router will be changed with just an ease. Router IP address

    You can login to your router with their IP address which is default but note that each router has its own set of default IP address. So here we have compiled all the list of all the 192.168.1 Router IP address and default Username and Password.

    Router IP address, Default Username, and Password:

    admin admin/password
    Cisco admin admin
    admin admin
    admin admin
    Netgear admin admin
    Netgear admin password
    admin admin
    (none) MiniAP
    Billion admin admin

    TP-Link Router, Login and IP Address

    Step 1: The IP address for the TP-Link Router is Then you need to connect Router and PC with a RJ45 cable.

    Step 2: Type in browser and press Enter. setting

    Step 3: Enter Username and Password.

    • IP Address:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin/ password.

    Step 4: Go to the Wireless Settings and simply Change settings according to your choice which you want to be.

    • If you are facing any of the problems at the time of while connecting the router and accessing admin page, then something wrong might have happened to you at the time of accessing the entire process.

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