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    13 fundamental tricks for iPhone that you should know

    Since I have use of reason, and since it went on the market, I use an iPhone as a personal smartphone, but this does not mean that I know absolutely everything about Apple’s mobile device. For example, I am one of those who does not know too many tricks, which almost all of us should know, and which in many cases can be a huge game.

    In case you’re like me who does not know too many tricks when it comes to using your iPhone, today I’ll show you in this article up to 13 fundamental tricks for iPhone that you should know. Of course, you do not need to thank us for that, but it will be enough for us to contribute or discover one more.

    Use your iPhone as a level

    One trick that not many users know is that our iPhone can be the perfect building tool or DIY, thanks to the Compass application. And it is that this application will do the functions of a level at any time and situation, and to get you out of any trouble.

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    Manage your iPhone with one hand

    The screens of the iPhone have grown to a large extent since that first version that amazed the world, and it is becoming more complicated to handle it with one hand. To feel more comfortable when using our mobile device with one hand, just touch the Start button twice and we will see the screen slides down.

    In the iPhone X, this function is not enabled by default, but it will be enough to access the Settings, then General and activate it in Accessibility.

    Ask Siri to do things for you

    Siri is possibly one of the most efficient and reliable voice assistants available in the market, especially if it is to interact with native iOS applications. A good trick we can offer you is to ask Siri to do things for you.

    We can ask you to call or send a message to someone (even using WhatsApp), add items to a shopping list, activate or alarm or put batteries in saving battery by turning off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    Follow an iPhone remotely

    Tracking an iPhone remotely is possible and is achieved thanks to a tool known as mSpy. This will allow you, without raising any suspicion, to know for example where your children are at all times or follow your husband closely if you are going to ride a bicycle and be able to know if everything is going well at any time.

    All you need are the iCloud login keys and you will not need to install any software on the iPhone itself.

    Shake to Undo Hack

    Have you made a mistake when erasing some text? No problem, just shake your iPhone you will see how a popup window appears with which you can easily undo the last action.

    Access directly to accessibility

    iOS, the operating system of Apple, has a huge amount of accessibility features, some of which we have already reviewed in this article. In addition, there are some others as useful as the magnifying glass or intelligent investment. Accessing them was never so easy and it is even possible to create a shortcut.

    This can be done by accessing Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Quick function and there we will add the functions you want, to access by just touching the start button three times.

    Night Shift

    This is undoubtedly one of the best tricks I learned some time ago, and that gives a yellow tone to the screen at night, and can even schedule the time when this happens. To activate it, simply access the iPhone Settings, enter the Screen and brightness and activate the Night Shift.

    Among the benefits of using this mode is to be able to sleep better, especially if we use the iPhone in bed, just before sleeping.

    Turn your keyboard into a Trackpad

    With the arrival of the iPhone 6s to the market, there was also the possibility to make use of the feature known as 3D Touch, which allows us to press more source the screen to perform a different action. The keyboard of our iPhone also has a hidden trick, associated with this feature and that surely will be of great help.

    If you press using the 3D Touch the keyboard will get a useful trackpad with which to move to the left, right, up or down and the cursor will move too. If you press harder you can select texts while moving your finger or fingers.

    Dark mode

    One of the great secrets for many of iOS 11 is its dark mode, which has gone unnoticed and without making too much noise. To activate it, all you have to do is go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display settings -> Invert colors -> Smart investment.

    With this, you will get white backgrounds turn black and blacks white. The images or videos do not do anything and maybe more comfortable when using the iPhone in your day today.

    Make the iPhone read any text

    For some time now, iOS, the operating system of Apple, is able to read any text aloud. This, perhaps too many of us, does not seem too useful, I am sure it is incredibly useful for many people around the world.

    To activate this option you just have to go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver and activate the option with the same name.

    If you prefer to talk to the iPhone, it is also possible

    We have already seen that it is possible for the iPhone to read texts for us, but it is also possible to talk to our mobile device and have it pass our words to text.

    It will be enough, for example in the notebook, to touch the icon of the microphone that you will find in the lower left part. Not only works with this application but it is possible to use it with many others such as instant messaging and where it is really convenient to use.

    Replacing text, a trick at your fingertips

    On many occasions, we write using abbreviations, which allow us to write fewer letters and save time. Thanks to our iPhone we can continue to use them, but at the same time, we can not see that we do it. And is that if we go Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Substitution of text, we can incorporate different abbreviations or words, which then at the time of writing our device will write correctly or completely.

    In my case, I have a huge list of words that I use, such as “PQ” for because “x” for or some abbreviations created by me.

    Recover the Home button on the iPhone X

    As it is more than known the iPhone X debuted in the market without physical buttons, at least in the front of the terminal, but there is still a trick to recover, the always useful, Home button.

    To do this you must access Settings, then General and finally Accessibility to get the virtual Start button. Also in Assistive Touch, you can define what happens when playing, playing twice or pressing long.

    The always present option of Jailbreak

    The final trick would be possibly the jailbreak of the iPhone and out of the closed ecosystem that Apple does not offer, which has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. To do this you can use Yalu jailbreak, although our recommended recommendation is that you do not go into the dark side, especially if you are not too aware of what you are doing.

    Customize the control center to your liking

    iOS 11 brought with it a total change of control center that we knew so far, allowing users to customize it to our liking, being able to add or remove icons, depending on our needs.

    To customize the control panel, go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize controls and there you will find a list of functions that you can easily add to your Control Center.

    Hopefully, these 13 tricks have served to squeeze your iPhone even more. Also, as we have already asked at the beginning, we would like you to send us the tricks that you use in your day to day life. For this, you can use the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


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