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    10 UNIQUE Mac Apps


    Alfred is an award-winning app for Mac OS X which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys and keywords. Search your Mac and the web effortlessly, and control your Mac using customized actions with the Powerpack.

    Alfred is still our favorite application launcher for Mac, even though Spotlight has come a long way. Recently updated to version 3, Alfred’s workflows are extremely powerful automation tools, and it’s way more than just an application launcher. Alfred is free and worth a download, but if you have the itch to do some automation and serious tweaking, the $23 Powerpack is worth every penny. If you’re new to Alfred, this beginner’s guide to using it—and all of its hidden features—is worth a look, and will probably be enough reason for you to download it on its own. Of course, its rival, Quicksilver, is still available, and still great. If you’re a Spotlight die-hard, at least take steps to protect your privacy, then amp up Spotlight’s features with Flashlight.

    2. Clean My Mac 3

    MacPaw (the app maker), CleanMyMac is a cleaning tool that you can use to:

    Clean your Mac hard drive by removing gigabytes of system junk and trash. Maintain your Mac with a set of small utilities. Monitor the health of your Mac with key alerts and notifications.

    UNIQUE Mac Apps

    It scans everything on your Mac, including your Mac’s system, iTunes, Mail, Photos, Trash bins, and even old folders that have been secretly avoiding you.

    According to many customers, CleanMyMac 3 is considered to be the most popular one and value for money. It also is able to make it clear as to what needs to be exactly cleaned and what need to be left out. As it announced, it helps free up lot of valuable disk and memory space. You Can Download it for free.

    And one more thing. During a full scan with CleanMyMac 3, the average user finds 54 GB of potential junk to clear out. Imagine how much you’ll save on your Mac.

    3. Itsycal

    Itsycal is a tiny calendar for your Mac’s menu bar. If you want, it will display your calendar events as a companion to the Mac Calendar app. You can also create and delete (but not edit) events.

    Having the date and time in our menu bar is super helpful, but if you want a little more control over your appointments, Itsycal is the clock replacement of choice for menu bar tweakers. As its name suggests, Itsycal adds a tiny but enormously useful calendar to your menu bar, complete with appointment dots and a list of any upcoming meetings. You can also add an event without needing to launch Calendar, but the best reason to download Itsycal is how good it looks, whether you like things light or dark.

    4. iStat Menus


    Using iStat Menus you can instantly see stats about your machine – such as hard drive space, temperature, wifi stats, world time, and more.

    5. f.lux

    Eyestrain sucks, and long hours at your Mac will all but guarantee you’ll feel it eventually. f.lux sits in the menubar quietly and changes the color temperature of your monitor based on the time of day, so your eyes get a much-needed break even if you have to work long hours without peeling them away from the screen. You should still take breaks, but it’s worth a download, and it’s free. As the sun sets, it gives your screen a slightly orange tint so you aren’t taking in all that blue light that can disrupt your sleep and cause eyestrain. It’s a little off-putting at first, but trust us: give it a week and you’ll never be able to go back.

    6. Duplicate File Finder

    If you’ve been using your Mac for a while, there’s a good chance you have accumulated duplicate files along the way. And some of them could be eating up precious space on your drive. You could run a full disk cleaner to find and root them out (in fact, Dr. Cleaner on this list will do the trick), but if you want to quickly find double files and get on with your day, make space for Duplicate File Finder in your Applications folder. Simply drag a folder onto its window and within seconds you’ll have a full report of the duplicates on your machine, letting you see what they are and where they’re hiding, and letting you delete them in a snap. Unless you opt for the $5 pro version, you’ll have to deal with the occasional ad, but it’s an indispensable tool nonetheless.

    7. Backup and Sync from Google

    Even the most stalwart Mac fans have to admit that Google does photos better than Apple. With unlimited storage, instant syncing across virtually any device, and an amazing search engine, Google Photos is everything we wish Apple Photos would be. But you might not know that there’s a super easy way to get photos from your Mac into your Google Photos library. Google offers a small utility called Backup and Sync that will automatically upload images stored on your Mac. The simple menu bar app works with your Google Drive to continuously scan for images in folders of your chosing to keep your photo library in sync. And it’s so efficient, you won’t even know it’s working.

    8. MainMenu

    MainMenu is a powerful maintenance tool to keep your Mac in shape. With MainMenu you can free up disk space, clean your workspace, secure erase files and fine-tune your Mac.


    – Clipboard history
    – Free up memory
    – Clean cache
    – Archive your Desktop
    – Clear browser history
    – Secure erase files and free disk space
    – Find large files
    – Vacuum Apple Mail Index
    – Group favorite tasks

    9. DaisyDisk

    secure erase files

    DaisyDisk is by far the most attractive storage analysis utility, with a beautiful and intuitive interface that makes finding disk clutter a matter of navigating an interactive colorful wheel. In terms of visualization of your file data, DaisyDisk is superior to anything else available, and it’s also very fast.

    The free version of DaisyDisk is highly functional and will sweep your drive and allow simple quick access to any files or folders found (right-click on anything and choose ‘Show in Finder’), and you could get away with just using the free version if you wanted to, but if you enjoy DaisyDisk enough and find it to be a helpful companion to your Mac experience, the full version is money well spent.

    10. Station

    With Station, available for both Mac and Windows, you can find the document you’re looking for more easily. You then need to add all your accounts one by one. Station supports dozens of services, but the most popular ones are Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and Trello.

    “The have 300 app integrations.

    Each service has its own icon in the bar on the left. You can switch from one service to another just like you’d switch from one account to another in Slack. This app metaphor works quite well for document-based apps, such as Google Drive. When you click on the icon, Station shows you your most recent documents and you don’t get lost between multiple tabs.


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