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    10 Reasons Not to Buy The Apple iPhone X

    Apple just presented the iPhone X praising the tenth birthday celebration of iPhone and it is great. It includes another look and feels. It accompanies more power and ability to do some new things. In any case, there are as yet many variables compelling us to not purchase the new iPhone X. Apple says this is the telephone of future. Such a large number of industry examiners are discussing what iPhone has presented new however I have additionally observed many individuals condemning this new cell phone, I myself is doing. I have discovered many motivations to not purchase the Apple iPhone X and I am posting a couple of them directly underneath.

    Not Impressed with iPhone X? Here Are The Best Alternatives To iPhone X

    1). Extremely Expensive

    This is valid, each organization charges a considerable measure for leads yet Apple is doing excessively. It appears that the organization is following the Korean gadget, the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note8 can do various great things, it can do all that influence matter in this year when you to come telephone industry. In any case, regardless it costs just $929 and the iPhone X is charging $999. There are such a significant number of less expensive alternatives that offer the delightful look and huge amounts of gainful highlights, for example, the Galaxy S8 that cost just around $700. Also, other noteworthy names are significantly less expensive, for example, the LG G6 for just $600 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for just around $500.

    2). Touch ID Gone

    We concede we adore developments. However, every new element we experience ought to be superior to anything that we have officially experienced. For this situation, as I would like to think, I am not awed with new Face ID. The principle exasperating point about the FaceID is it can’t perceive more than one face. Then again, the Touch ID can be enrolled with up to five fingers. It could be better if Apple offers the two alternatives as opposed to evacuating a past element in the support of another one. More, can the Face ID work in low-light? We are not guaranteed.

    3). Still No Headphone Jack

    This issue ended up plainly questionable a great deal when Apple executed the 3.5mm earphone jack with the presentation of iPhone 7. Also, Apple has rehashed this year. You need to depend on remote means and I don’t love that. Apple has still not given an alternative to utilize without hand. You need to depend on that additional Bluetooth embellishments.

    4). Configuration Is Not Much Attractive

    Truly, the iPhone X is lovely without bezels yet not all that much alluring for some individuals around the globe as I have seen feedback. The most recent outline is the thing that we have effectively experienced with Samsung and different organizations, even Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a great deal appealing without any bezels. More, you can enhance the plan of your as of now obtained iPhone for spending a minimal expenditure. That is to say, you can purchase new cases and cover that can include another sprinkle of style and shading on your gadget. More, subsequent to introducing the iOS 11, you will have the same UI thus numerous new highlights.

    5). Home Button Presence Was Better

    The home catch is currently gone, the one route stage on many touchscreen telephones. The home caught has assumed an imperative part on iPhones by offering access to various highlights, particularly touch ID. At any rate, Apple could include a touch ID procedure under the screen. Presently with no home button, individuals need to receive new traps dispatch application drawer and to explore different applications.

    6). No IP68 Certification

    The iPhone X is still far from an IP68 confirmation, as other great telephones. Despite everything it conveys IP67 accreditation, implies it is waterproof and dustproof yet not as much as others may be. The Galaxy S8 is IP68 confirmed, which implies you can hold this telephone submerged of up to 1.5 meters for around half hour. Also, the IP67 affirmed iPhone X can live in up to 1 meter just, around 3.3feet profound, you can’t take it in more profound swimming pools.

    7.) Display is Dim for an OLED

    By now as you may have heard, but in case you don’t here we recall it the iPhone x display is only 625 nits and Samsung galaxy s8 or note 8 display is 1240 nits which is double the iPhone and is definitely useful in real day scenarios like in direct sunlight or even for better readability so its definitely a major bummer in the iPhone x which will stop many people from buying it.

    8.) Force adapter buy

    If you have a MacBook Pro-2016 version then you might definitely need to buy a new adapter your phone x to sync with mac as the MacBook Pro only has USB type C I/O. but if you don’t own one then you are good to go if the all the 7 above features don’t consult you.

    9.) Fast battery deplete

    Quick battery deplete is constantly one of iPhone downsides, and iPhone X is no special case. Despite the fact that iPhone X is outfitted with a more extended battery life to lure those with old iPhones to overhaul, the 2900 mAh doesn’t do the trick for enlarged reality errand, 4K recording/gushing, or other substantial information utilization assignments. A few clients occasion report iPhone X debilitates notwithstanding when there is 30% of battery left. Additionally, the absence of non-removable battery is likewise one of the primary iPhone X hindrances, which implies you can’t expel the battery notwithstanding when there is an issue with it.

    10.) Format confinements

    In the same way as other different cell phones, iPhone X is burdened in constrained configuration bolster. Up until this point, it can just perceive AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AC3, AIFF, WAV sound configurations and play H.264/MPEG4 video up to 4K, M4V, MP4, and MOV record designs. In other words, iPhone X won’t play MKV, AVI, or different recordings positions avoided from the bolstered arrange list. You can maintain a strategic distance from the iPhone X deficiency by changing over AVI, MKV, WMV, and so forth to iPhone X MP4, MOV or M4V organizes to have a smooth playback, with the guide of a video converter.


    iPhone X is definitely a new revolutionary design for apple as it is their first gen bezeless phone so yes there are many major drawbacks in it and definitely not worth the price of $1000 when competitors are giving more and same features at lower price also for $1000 we get the only 64G.B. of internal storage which is very very less at that price point.

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