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    Happy New Year 2018: Greetings, Wishes, Images, Messages, Photos, SMSs WhatsApp and Facebook Status Quotes

    Happy 2018! A new year is coming, a new opportunity to restart and be happy, meet personal challenges or simply to improve. Of course, to start the New Year 2018 well, we must do so with congratulations. And what better than a GIF animation so that the passage from New Year’s Eve to the New Year is joyful and fun. For that reason from techfire.in we have compiled 10 funny GIF so that you can share by WhatsApp without losing any time of this 2018 looking for it.

    You just have to click on any of the GIFs that you see in this article to access the Giphy page from where we have collected them. From there you can share them with the share button, then paste the link in WhatsApp to be sent and played directly in the conversation. This is our selection:

    Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

    Starting a year means saying goodbye to the past. Do not hesitate to share this GIF with your family and friends as a symbol of a new beginning. You’ll be fine with everyone, so do not miss the clue to this animation.

    For the brothers-in-law

    Do you have a brother-in-law who has invested in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? Do not stop talking about it? Well, congratulate him on this GIF. He will not know very well if you’re laughing at him or you’re wishing him luck for 2018, but he’s sure he feels invited to continue talking about it.

    Happy … whatever …

    Surely you have bitter friends on these dates. And, if you do not have them, surely it is you. Celebrate with them this sad new year GIF starring the charismatic Fray de Futurama. Because yes, not everything is joy and happiness these days.

    Tell it with your dog

    It’s a GIF of a puppy. Of a dog. We cannot resist, and surely your contacts cannot stand melting in the face of such tenderness. A New Year animation straight to the heart.

    Prepare the party!

    This dawn plays party, because, although there are boring and bitter people, there is never a better excuse than celebrating the new. Take the gourd, the garland necklace, and the confetti, that we go out partying.

    Fireworks for all

    Even if they frighten our animal friends, fireworks are a sign of the new year. A good way to accompany a congratulatory message. Ñoño, maybe. Nice, a lot. Take advantage of the magic of colors and bursts by sharing this GIF.

    Happy year freak

    In techfire.in we are pretty freak, and geek and we love video games. So I could not miss this animation with Mario as a protagonist with the rest of the cast of the saga. Surely you have contacts who are particularly excited about this animation.

    Beware of the glasses

    We hope you do not have to blow this New Year 2018, so do not overdo it. And remember to eat a lot and well to soak up those wines that you drink with dinner. If you do not end up as the protagonist of this GIF animation.

    Simple and direct

    It is not the definitive GIF to congratulate the year, but at least it is simple and direct. It complies with what you need to remember co-workers, family members without much contact and all those friends you have to congratulate the New Year.

    Alegre 2018

    What we have clear is that we wish you your 2018 is, or at least begins, as happy as this dance. Take the opportunity to share this GIF and brighten the first day of the year 2018 to all your contacts on WhatsApp.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


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